cricket4Cricket’s Pub was named after the old dart game called Cricket.

Frank Burton, a US Marine, is a decorated Viet Nam Vet and a survivor of the siege at Khe Sanh, came on to the San Diego Bar scene in 1986 when he bought Sparky’s in Golden Hills. It was the first “Dive Bar” in the area. He sold Sparky’s in 2001. It’s now known as Hamilton’s.

In May of 2001 he purchased Cricket’s Pub and made it into what has been voted THE BEST DIVE BAR ON EL CAJON BLVD.  Come by and say hello. If you served in the military you will get a BIG welcome from the staff and patrons of Crickets.


“The friendliest bar in town. The first night I walked in, one of the regulars bought me a beer. I’ve met lots of nice people over the past 11 years at Crickets. Frank, the owner, is a true cool cat. Also, a fantastic cook! You gotta go there to watch Chargers games!! When the Bolts score, you can order a Bolt Shot for a buck. I highly recommend. Crickets!!!!!”

“This place is cool, it’s a total dive bar with a lot of regulars. The bartender is a people person and is super nice.”

“Awesome Sunday breakfast, big bang for the buck. I highly recommend. Great dive bar full of colorful locals, good pricing and friendly service.”